If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you're putting yourself out of business.

— Lee Kuan Yew

Stay ahead. Outsource from Europe.

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What We Do


We take your outsourcing needs personally.

You know your business. The skill gaps you face. The services you need short and long term. You also know the costs of hiring in-house vs outsourced. What we both know is: it’s a world of hit-and-miss when outsourcing parts of your business. This is why we handpick our outsourcing partners in Europe. We know our team by name. We only work with people we’d have coffee with. We’d want the same for you.


We find the best fit for your business.

Building remote teams and getting the best from remote workers is easy when you know how. It’s what we do every day - working with Top 50 IT companies and as remote work experts in Europe. We discuss your specific requirements to tailor the right kind of outsourcing, from project staff to full time remote team members.


We save you time.

Any new hire takes work. Screening. Interviewing. Verifying skills. Emails. Reference checks… to name a few. We get it right the first time, with a large pipeline of companies and professionals ready to join your team, deliver on a project or add vital support.


We save you money.

Outsourcing equals lower operating costs. Many of our team work in markets with more competitive rates than available locally to our clients.


We work on a win/win scenario for all.

Our aim is for businesses and outsourced teams and professionals to mutually benefit from increased business.

Join Virtualis Group

Join Virtualis Group

If you’re an IT, engineering or finance professional or company from southeast Europe, we’re always adding new partners. We offer remote work benefits, career development and access to business around the globe - with clients from Australia and New Zealand, the US, Canada and EU.