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Benefits of Outsourcing from Europe

Benefits of Business Extension in the EU

Find your remote team with our help. Whether you’re new to outsourcing or it is established in your organisation - our European based teams are quality, committed and cost effective. Contact us to discuss your outsourcing needs, from project staff to full time remote team members.

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IT: Our founding specialisation is IT services

We provide high level IT services, ranging from placing you with full time team members to setting up and managing remote project teams. Our IT portfolio includes ICT Administration/Support, Web Development and Graphic Design, Application Development, AI Automation, Programme and Project Management and Cyber Security.

Business & Finance

Business & Finance

Our business and finance teams are experienced professionals, with strong backgrounds in Sales and Marketing, Social Media, Recruitment, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Invoicing, Tax, Payroll and HRMIS services. Our teams work across multiple areas, and can be given in-house training depending on your business needs.



Our teams provide high level, qualified remote support for Engineering and Construction projects. Our experts cover electrical engineering, software engineering and mechanical engineering and the construction sector. With a high level of English proficiency, and diverse experience in IoT, electronics and the automotive sectors.